Invitation to Congress

Dear Participants,

The Halal Tourism market grows by an average of 4.8% while the world tourism market grows by 3.8% per annum. By 2020, it is expected to reach a volume of 200 billion dollars with 180 million tourists. Due to the rapid development of the Islamic countries in the world, the level of economic prosperity and thus the purchasing power have brought a special market for the Muslims in the tourism sector. Our main goal is to be able to reach the level that our country needs to be in the world of Halal Tourism“, which is also known as Muslim friendly and fast developing in the world, and to be able to get the right share of this great growing activity.

With the aim of leading the halal tourism market as a country, we will be happy and honourable to host our esteemed academicians and researchers in the 3rd International Halal Tourism Congress that we plan to organize in cooperation with Afyon Kocatepe University Faculty of Tourism and International Halal Tourism Organization (IHATO).