About Congress

Halal tourism is the meeting of the needs arising from tourism activities such as accommodation, travel, recreation and transportation in accordance with the Islamic rules and beliefs of tourists who are sensitive to fulfilling their religious duties.

Halal tourism has the advantages of serving Muslims as a driving force, to increase Muslim tourist development, to enrich tourism diversity, to increase country promotion, to provide new investment opportunities and to increase employment opportunities.

In the 1st International Halal Tourism Congress, organized under the leadership of Kastamonu University Faculty of Tourism, it has been received 144 papers from 48 universities from domestic and foreign. These reports were evaluated by 133 academics who were in scientific committee of the congress and 128 full text papers were awarded to be presented at the congress.

2nd International Halal Tourism Congress, which is the continuation of congress, will bring together academicians, tourism experts, potential guests and decision makers working on halal tourism. 2nd International Halal Tourism Congress, which will bring all the stakeholders together, will consist of two days for congress (panels and scientific sessions) and one day for social program.