Know-How Transfer Training Program

7-8 OCT 2023

Scope of 1st International Muslim-Friendly Tourism Know-How Transfer Training Program

During the Know-How Transfer program, the participants will see and examine the prominent hotels in the field of Muslim-friendly tourism with technical trips to be organized. Participants will be able to observe all activities from hotel rooms to beach designs, from kitchen equipment and production standards to entertainment content suitable for the concept. On-site viewing and inspection opportunities will be created with technical inspection trips. During the technical trips, seminars will be held by the relevant hotel managers, so that the questions of the participants will be answered directly by the people who run the operations. Technical details at many points such as 10 tricks of sales and marketing in Muslim-friendly hospitality (MFT), human resources management, guest satisfaction, and MFT hotel management, etc. will be shared. This event encompasses know-how transfers, exhibiting the knowledge and experience of Turkey in the field of Muslim-friendly tourism to the participants, setting an example for countries that want to develop in the field of Muslim-friendly tourism, promoting the development in the field of Muslim-friendly tourism, and realizing international network and cooperation opportunities.

Short- and Long-Term Objectives of I. International Muslim-Friendly Tourism Know-How Transfer Training Program

Short-term objectives of the program;

  • To create a positive image by showing the development of Türkiye in the field of Muslim-friendly tourism,
  • To present the know-how, knowledge and experience gained in the field of Muslim-friendly tourism to developing countries as a role model,
  • To create a global network in the field of Muslim-friendly tourism,

Long-term objectives of the project,

  • To ensure that Türkiye has the image of “leading country in the field of Muslim-friendly tourism”,
  • To increase Türkiye’s share in the Muslim-friendly tourism market in a sustainable way,
  • To make Türkiye the main actor in the processes of determining the global policy of Muslim-friendly tourism,
  • To make Türkiye the host of these events, not the country that participates in Muslim-friendly tourism activities,
  • To improve the Muslim travel market’s access to tourism at a global level.

Scope of the workshop:

The main purpose of this workshop involves evaluating the diversity of tourism by reviewing the situation analysis of investment opportunities in the field of Muslim-friendly tourism and creating scientific outputs related to strategic investments in which Islamic Cooperation member countries can play an active role in the tourism of the future.

It is important to evaluate the current situation and determine future expectations in Muslim-friendly tourism investment in the world. With this event, it is aimed to identify potential markets and business opportunities in Muslim-friendly tourism investments, and to develop strategies for the development of the Muslim-friendly tourism sector.

Turkey has a significant potential and experience in the field of Muslim-friendly tourism with its historical and cultural heritage, natural beauties, ideal climatic conditions for holidays and hotels and restaurants serving halal certified food. It is a country that can take an active role in determining what needs to be done in order to evaluate the current situation in Muslim-friendly tourism investment and to fully utilize the potential of the sector.

By carrying out the workshop, it is anticipated that future expectations for Muslim-friendly tourism investments will be determined. These expectations may include issues such as identifying potential markets in the Muslim-friendly tourism sector and establishing strategies for the development of the sector. Participants are representatives of companies working in the Muslim-friendly tourism sector, professionals working in the tourism sector, and relevant academics and representatives of public institutions.

Organizers of the workshop:

• Afyon Kocatepe University Faculty of Tourism
• International Muslim-friendly Tourism Association (IHATO)
• MUSIAD Tourism Sector Board

Parties of the Workshop:

•Culture and Tourism Ministry
• Halal Accreditation Agency (HAK) of Ministry of Commerce
• Turkish Standards Institute (TSE)
• Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA)
• Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED)
• Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB)
• Turkish Hoteliers Association (TUROB)
• Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD)
• International Muslim-friendly Tourism Association (IHATO)
• Islamic Cooperation Organization Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation (COMCEC)
• Islamic Countries Statistics, Economic and Social Research and Training Center (SESRIC)
• CrescentRating – The Worlds Leading Authority on Halal Travel
• DinarStandard – Growth Strategy Research & Advisory
• Academics related to the subject
• Experts from relevant institutions and organizations

08.30-09.30Breakfast (Bera Alanya)
09.30-10.15Bera Alanya General Manager Seminar (Executive Presentation)
10.15-12.15Technical Trip (Bera Alanya)
12.20Departure from Bera Alanya
12.30-13.30Lunch (Wome Deluxe)
13.30-14.00Noon prayer
14.00-14.45Wome Deluxe Hotel General Manager Seminar (Executive Presentation)
14.45-16.15Technical Trip (Wome Deluxe)
16.15-16.45Afternoon prayer
16.45Departure from Wome Deluxe
19.45Arrival at Rizom Beach Hotel and Settlement in the Hotel
20.00Dinner (Rizom Beach)
08.30-09.30Breakfast (Rizom Beach)
09.30Departure from Rizom Beach Hotel
10.00Şah inn Paradise Arrival
10.00-10.45Şah inn Paradise Hotel General Manager Seminar (Executive Presentation)
10.45-12.15Şah inn Paradise Technical Trip
12.15-13.15Lunch (Şah inn Paradise)
13.15-13.45Noon prayer
13.45Departure from Shah inn Paradise
14.15Arrival at Rizom Beach Hotel
14.15-15.00Rizom Beach Hotel General Manager Seminar (Executive Presentation)
15.00-17.00Rizom Beach Hotel Technical Trip
17.00-17.30Afternoon prayer
17.30-18.30Know-how Transfer Closing Program
19.30Dinner (Rizom Beach)