Submission Guidelines


1- Papers sent to the congress must be original works that have not been presented or published elsewhere.

2- Papers will be uploaded through Paper Submission tab on

3- The paper should contain the following information.

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Theoritical Framework
  4. Methodology
  5. Findings
  6. Discussion and Conclusion
  7. References

4- Papers should be written in Turkish, English or Arabic.

5- The lenght of the paper should not exceed 6000 words and 20 pages, including the references and appendices and tables.

6- The paper should be written in Times New Roman font, 12 points, single line,justified, and 2.5 cm margins on all four sides. (In MS Word software: Page layout – Page Setup – Paper – A4 must be set).

  • The title of the paper should be in CAPITAL (excluding connectors), 14 points, centered and bold. All first-level subheadings (Introduction, Theoritical Framework, Methodology, Findings, Discussion and Conclusion and References) in the text of the paper, should be in CAPITAL, 12 points, left aligned and bold.
  • Only the first words of each word in subheadings should be capitalized,12 points, left aligned and bold.
  • Third-level subheadings will follow the second-level subheadings format in italics.

8- Indent (TAB) should not be used at the beginning of paragraphs. There should be 6 pts (MS Word, 6 pts before the paragraph, 6 pts after) between the paragraphs.

9- All text should be written as “Normal”. When you right-click on the relevant section and enter the “Change” option, you can format the relevant font type.

10- Do not add “Section Breaks” (Layout-Breaks-Section Break-Next Page, Odd Page, Even Page) anywhere in the text.

11- All drawings, maps, graphics and photographs in the text should be named as “Figure”; tables and similar visuals should be named as “Table”. Tables and figures should be centered in the text area. Table captions should be above the table and figure captions should be below the figures.


Please Adopt APA7 Referencing System For References.

Please Click For The Guide To APA 7th Referencing Style.