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Dear Participants,

Under the leadership of Kastamonu University Faculty of Tourism, 1st International Halal Tourism Congress was organized between April 07-09, 2017. We have tried to address all aspects of halal tourism in the first congress attended by 128 representatives from 13 different countries, as well as many public, private sector and civil society representatives.

Till now, positive feedbacks on 2. International Halal Tourism Congress have been received by Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Morocco, Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Algeria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Germany, England, Spain, Ukraine, the Netherlands, the United States, South Korea, Russia and Singapore.

We will be happy and honourable to host our esteemed academicians and researchers in the 2nd International Halal Tourism Congress that we plan to organize in cooperation with Kastamonu University Faculty of Tourism and International Halal Tourism Organization (IHATO).

Last Submission Date for Full Text Papers February 1, 2019

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Website: www.halaltourismcongress.com | Facebook Page: @HalalCongress

Twitter Page: @HalalCongress | Instagram Page: @halalcongress

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