Alanya Travel Guide

Important information you should know about Alanya

Historic Sites;
• Alanya Castle
• Kızılkule
• Shipyard
• TophaneArmory
• Ehmedek
• Suleymaniye Mosque
• Bazaar
• Darphane
• Akbeşe Sultan Mosque
• Andızlı Mosque
• Sitti Zeynep Tomb
• Hidirellez Church
• Sarapsa Han
• The Citadel of Alara
• Alarahan
• Kargı Han

Natural Beauties;
During the beauties of nature were scattered around the world, Alanya took a great portion. Alanya is one of the most beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The coast extending over miles is usually sand. There are some places having so thin sand that do not stick to the body …

Our hotel is 7 km from the world-famous Incekum beach. In addition to the wonderful beach of Incekum, “İncekum Forest Camp Picnic Area” also exists.

What to Eat;
Although there is not a specific type of food in Alanya, in the diners and restaurants samples from seafood, grilled meats, appetizers, the world´s cuisine can be found. Captain and Yakamoz restaurants are only two of decent places to eat as a family environment with their views of the beach.

Sports Activities;
• Rafting
• Mountain Sports
• Alanya Triathlon
• Hunting
• Camping
• Riding

Alanya is 135 km. away from Antalya. Highway between Alanya-Antalya passes through many residential areas and tourist spots. Public buses, Alantur, make transportation through the route of Bus Station-Ulaş in every 10 minutes

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