Submission Guidelines

Dear Participants,

The prepared templates about “Full text Spelling Guide” of 1. International Halal Tourism Congress are attached. You can put your work into that template directly. For the full text papers which will be written in Turkish, abstracts and titles have to be in both languages (Turkish and English).

Thanks for your interest to our congress.

Attachment 1: Download Full Text Spelling Guide

Attachment 2: Download Sample Cover File

Attachment 3: Download Sample Full Text File

Full papers and presentations will be accepted in English and Turkish.

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About Congress

The value of Muslim Travel Market has reached to 145 billion dollars in 2014 and 117 million Muslim Tourists compose 10% of whole travel economy. By 2020, it is expected that 168 million tourists will travel and halal tourism market will create 11% of the travel economy by spending about 200 billion dollars. Growth of Muslim Travel Market will contribute to the increment of accommodation, food, shopping and other related sectors demands (Crescentrating, 2016).

Halal tourism is a group of facilities about meeting the accommodation, travel, recreation, transportation etc.


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